Podcast: Radio Mukambo #545 – Trancestral

Plenty of afrobeat this week with the magnificent new album “Small Talk Big Problem” by Frankosun and The Family. A mix of 1970s and 1980s afrobeat from Nigeria and Benin with elements of afrofunk and afrorock around Beninese vocalist Franck Koumolou, made in from Helsinki, Finland. More afrobeat from Nigeria by BANTU, Argentina by La Fuerza Mayor and the USA by Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra.

The second album of the week comes from Belgian-Congolese singer Fredy Massamba. On “Trancestral” he explores the traditional repertoires of the Kingdom of the Kongo, the celestial voices of Congolese rumba and the energy of hip-hop beats.

By the end we get into more downtempo hiphop and reggae beats before dancing to some tantalising soukouss by Mokoomba (Zimbabwe) and Lutchiana Mobulu (Congo).
You can download Radio Mukambo on www.radiopanik.org/emissions/radio-mukambo/

Album of the week: Fredy Massamba – Trancestral

Album of the week: Frankosun and The Family – Small Talk Big Problem


  1. Fredy Massamba feat. Suka Ntima – Ngoma

  2. Frankosun and The Family – Small Talk Big Problem

  3. La Fuerza Mayor – Los Molles

  4. Fredy Massamba – Buyelele

  5. Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra – Emergency

  6. BANTU – Japa Japa

  7. Frankosun and The Family – Fake Brother

  8. Longfingah & Sub Pressure Band – Big Dreams

  9. Rizomagic – Ñeño

  10. Alpacas Collective – Stranger to myself (Nyumo Remix)

  11. Magnetic Tailors feat. Indigo Saint – For a Minute

  12. Terra Livre – Mãe Terra Dub (Natty Fred Remix)

  13. Mokoomba – Nzara Hapana

  14. Lutchiana Mobulu – Eki Bis