Podcast: Radio Mukambo #541 – Paris is a DJ

Well, maybe not. Paris is not a DJ, but Paris DJs offers us the sound of the City of Light on three compilations “Le Son de la Ville Lumière”. The Paris-based production team (Djouls, Grant Phabao, Loik Dury & Ben Hito) share their latest productions featuring Nigerian afrobeat legend Oghene Kologbo, American rapper Reacecar, Trinidadian/British slam poet Anthony Joseph, Nigerian vocalist Seun Olota, Jamaican toaster U-Brown and many others. Reggae, afrobeat, funk, Latin, Hip Hop and beyond.
We also listen to groundbreaking fusion by Mestizo (British/Afro/Colombian/jazz/hiphop), Echoes of Zoo (Rage Against on a global jazz trip) and the comeback of Zion Train (dub).
You can download Radio Mukambo on www.radiopanik.org/emissions/radio-mukambo/

Album of the week: Le Son de la Ville Lumière Vol.1, 2 & 3

1. Kologbo feat. Seun Olota & Racecar – Trouble
2. Kologbo feat. Seun Olota & Racecar – Help
3. Kunle Justice Jah & The Original Rootbeat Band – Be Free
4. Grant Phabao Afrofunk Arkestra feat. Racecar – Never Wanted It All
5. Grant Phabao Afrofunk Arkestra – Ghanaian Breeze
6. Grant Phabao Afrofunk Arkestra – One
7. Mestizo – Goldmine
8. Echoes of Zoo – The Call of the Quagga Quagga
9. Grant Phabao & Echo Minott – Too Much Blood A Run
10. Grant Phabao & Lone Ranger – Weh Did She Go
11. Grant Phabao & U-Brown – Rubadub Inna Di Dancehall
12. Raashan Ahmad feat. Aloe Blacc & The Gift Of Gab – Falling (Grant Phabao Remix)
13. Mop Mop feat. Fred Wesley & Anthony Joseph – Run Around (Grant Phabao Remix)
14. Zion Train – Militant Sound