Podcast: Radio Mukambo #540 – Exotic Savoir Faire

A lot of French music, or rather, music made in France on Radio Mukambo this week with a focus on MaAuLa-o-rama Vol.7 – Exotic Savoir Faire. The 7th MaAuLa Records compilation delivers a panorama of the French world music scene: global groove, cross-cultural explorations, no border music…

Album of the week is Origins by Hippo Sound System, a collective of producers, musicians and vocalists around Bristol’s notorious ‘samba junglist’ DJ Hiphoppapotamus. They explore new fusions of ancestral rhythms with sound system culture. To cap off the podcaast we dive into surprising new sounds for Ghent, Belgium.

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Album of the week: Hippo Sound SystemOrigins

Compilation of the week: MaAuLa-o-rama Vol.7 – Exotic Savoir Faire

1. Parranda La Cruz – Tonada de Tacarigüita
2. Chiva Rumbera – Las Orillas Del Loire
3. Que Tengo feat. Sidi Wacho – Vidas
4. Séfar – Dawiné
5. Prosper & Le Marabout feat. Zam’x – What
6. Passion Coco – Disco Pelo (Sadeedo Remix)
7. Hippo Sound System feat. Feline – The Time Is Now (interlude)
8. Hippo Sound System feat. K.O.G & Feline – Where Are You Now
9. Lou Piensa & Mental Abstrato – Que Siga el Baile
10. Proyecto Secreto – Soon Will Be Enough
11. Gaïsha – Warakatan wa Kalam
12. Echoes of Zoo – Echolocation
13. Hippo Sound System – Jaguar Dance
14. GAUDI – Shakatak (ReRub)
15. Tor.Ma in Dub – Terrra Dub




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