Podcast: Radio Mukambo #514 – Jimi Hendrix of Highlife

This week we dive into the Golden Sixties and Seventies of highlife music with Oliver Nayoka, a Nigerian singer & guitarist, mixing highlife with heavy Congolese guitar. Aja Wele-Wele sounds like a vinyl coming straight from the ’70s but was made today, reshaping the history and conception of highlife earning himself the name ‘Jimi Hendrix of highlife’.

Radio Mukambo also serves new singles by Jembaa Groove (Ghana/Germany), ZEPH (France) & DJ Farrapo (Italy) and we listen to new releases by Kasai Allstars (Congotronics remixed), Lee Fry (dub), Bernard Orchestar (Balkanbeats) and Newen Afrobeat playing Fela!


You can download Radio Mukambo on www.radiopanik.org/emissions/radio-mukambo/

Album of the week: Oliver NayokaAja Wele-Wele



  1. Emil Abossolo-Mbo – I Come From People
  2. Oliver Nayoka – Aja Wele-Wele
  3. Jembaa Groove – Amale
  4. ZEPH – Karaba
  5. Oliver Nayoka – Ogene Sound System
  6. Kasai Allstars –The Large Bird, The Woman and The Baby (Khalab Remix)
  7. Kasai Allstars – Musungu Elongo Paints His Face White to Scare Small Children
  8. DJ Farrapo & Carlo Maver – Papacito
  9. Lee Fry – Sugestia
  10. Bernard Orchestar – Le Cocek d’Anderlecht
  11. Newen Afrobeat – Coffin For Head Of State



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