Podcast: Radio Mukambo #509 – Global Afrobeat Movement is Back!

The 15th of October marks the anniversary of Fela Kuti, godfather of afrobeat, and is also the date Mukambo releases the second Global Afrobeat Movement compilation on NYP Records, including Jumbo System from Toulouse (France) who combine afrobeat with the power of a marching band. Their debut EP is our album of the week. The compilation features contemporary afrobeat bands from the four corners of the earth, including Ogun Afrobeat (Spain/Nigeria), Femi Koya (South Africa/Nigeria), Àbáse (Hungary) & Lindigo (Île de la Réunion), all on this podcast.

Radio Mukambo also digs into the new album by The Selenites Band (ethiogroove), a remix EP by IKOQWE (Portugal/Angola) and has tickets to give away for Nihiloxica (Uganda) at Botanique.

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Album of the week: Jumbo System EP


  1. Jumbo System – Phony
  2. Ogun Afrobeat – Afroshark
  3. The Selenites Band – Addis Streets
  4. Femi Koya – Yakata
  5. Jumbo System – NSA Man
  6. Àbáse feat. Jadson Xabla, Jorge Dubman, Fanni Zahár – Agangatolú
  7. Lindigo – Domoun
  8. The Rebel feat. Danno – Rebel Music
  9. IKOQWE – Vai de C@n@ (Ekiti Sound Remix)
  10. Nihiloxica – Salongo
  11. IKOQWE – Quarantena



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