Podcast: Radio Mukambo #508 – Afrobeat Unite

After 10 years of making a podcast, it was time for a change. So from now on, every Wednesday at 9am Brussels time, you’ll hear Radio Mukambo live ‘n direct on Radio Panik 105,4 FM from Brussels.

Plenty of afrobeat this week with Ogun Afrobeat from Madrid, Spain, delivering our album of the week Unite but also Femi Koya form Nigeria/South Africa, The Anthronauts from Switzerland, Jumbo System from France and Jembaa Groove from Germany.

Lindigo from Ile de la Réunion comes to Muziekpublique in Brussels ++ some beats by The Rebel (Italy), Bantu & Ancient Astronauts (Nigeria/Germany) and K’boko (Brazil/Germany).

You can support Radio Mukambo via www.mukambo.be/support

Album of the week: Ogun Afrobeat – Unite


  1. Ogun Afrobeat – Orísun
  2. Femi Koya – Babalawo
  3. The Anthronauts – Data Cows
  4. Jumbo System – Willow
  5. Ogun Afrobeat feat. Dele Sosimi – Benefit For All
  6. Jembaa Groove – Bassa Bassa
  7. Ogun Afrobeat – Pastorita
  8. Onipa – Gbomo (Mtukudzi homage)
  9. Lindigo – Byin Bon
  10. The Rebel feat. The Good People – Body Rockin’
  11. Bantu & Ancient Astronauts – Disrupt The Programme Clocks Are Ticking Remix)
  12. K’boko – Makulu



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