Podcast: Radio Mukambo #507 – Third Generation Afrobeat

The Anthronauts is a Swiss “third-generation” afrobeat band, fed by the music of the ancestors Fela Kuti & Tony Allen as well as by the innovations of second-generation bands like Antibalas. Their self-titled debut album (cd of the week) features the South African singer Nongoma Ndlovu and a dubmix by the late reggae-legend LeeScratchPerry.

Radio Mukambo also serves afrobeat made in Argentina, Israel ++ 10th anniversary remix of Amerigo Gazaway‘s masterpiece Fela Soul. There’s reggae by Jam Ci Yalla (Senegal) & Dolomite Rockers presents Loubna (Italy) and some creole grooves by Dowdelin and Lakou Mizik.

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Album of the week: The AnthronautsThe Anthronauts


  1. The Anthronauts – Young Blood
  2. Luka Afrobeat Orquesta – La Existencia
  3. Yael Sharoni – If You Wanna
  4. ESINAM – Lost Dimensions
  5. The Anthronauts feat. Nongoma – Bully Boys in Power
  6. Amerigo Gazaway – More Than U Know (10th Anniversary Remix)
  7. Onipa – Future
  8. Jam Ci Yalla – Watch ‘n’ Pray
  9. Dolomite Rockers presents Loubna – Black Woman
  10. Dolomite Rockers presents Loubna – Jah Golden Pen (Dub)
  11. Dowdelin – Sime Love
  12. Lakou Mizik feat. Tank of Tank & The Bangas – Kay Granpa



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