Podcast: Out Of Africa #6

In this show, we travel from Africa's kora, desert blues from the Sahara desert, the beautiful strings from Cape Verde Islands, through jazz from gipsy influence and finish with a dub in a world music perspective.

Music is the glue that connects humanity as ONE!

(Aired on August 11 on RFM Stereo, from Angola National Radio – Rádio Nacional de Angola)


Track list:

  1. Ludovico Einaudi & Ballaké SissokoMali Sajio
  2. Mamadou DiabatéTunga
  3. Toumani Diabaté & Ballake Sissoko – Bafoulabe
  4. Mamadou DiabatéMoto Moindo
  5. Mbongwana Star – 1 Million C´est Quoi?
  6. BombinoTakamba
  7. OumTaragalte
  8. Juan BauRaquel
  9. Cordas do solLinga Sentontom
  10. Barcelona Gipsy Balkan Orchestra – Lule Lule
  11. Barcelona Gipsy Balkan Orchestra – Od Ebra do Dunava
  12. Stereo UtopiaAddis Abba
  13. Stereo UtopiaIstanbul Rockers
  14. The Spy From Cairo – Beirut Skank
  15. The Spy from Cairo – Nafas



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