Podcast: Mobile Recording Journey –
Morocco Grooves PART 1

Author: Ady / Hit the Road Music

Ady and Kasia, our good friends behind the Hit the Road Music Studio adventure, spent two years during the pandemic in Morocco, operating a mobile recording studio where they produced over 120 songs and supported local artists.

In this show, Ady takes you on a journey and shares a short story about each song before playing the desert and gnawa grooves.


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Track list:

  1. Lala Tamar, Mnat Aichata – Ana 3tchana
  2. Kel Azawad – Amtten
  3. Hind Ennaira – Bacha Hamou
  4. Daraa Tribes – Waha
  5. Izouran N-Sahara – Mhamid El Ghizlane
  6. Tasuta N-Imal – Zaman
  7. Aziz Gnawa Group // Gnawa Field Recording
  8. Tarwa N-Tiniri – Chafna N-Nas
  9. Mehdi Nassouli and Lala Tamar – Mimouna
  10. Daraa Tribes feat Noura – Mel9a Allah
  11. Cable Street Collective – Desert Rose
  12. Naji Soul – Kolo Nga Yan
  13. Generation Taragalte – Tbadal L-hal
  14. Nomad Band – Tagofi N-Irhelan
  15. Izouran N-Sahara – Tudert N Imatwn
  16. Zegro Band – Yan Akolo Nga
  17. We Are One