Daily Discovery: Alright Mela – Tasamoh

Markus, Cheb Xavi, and Jaouad El Garouge have formed an electro-oriental trio inspired by 70s tape music. Their new single, “Tasamoh,” from their brand-new EP released on the 24th May, blends Moroccan Gnawa, Sufi, and Qawwali influences with electronic beats. “Tasamoh,” meaning tolerance, emphasises unity and harmony despite differences.

This French trio’s sound merges the hypnotic strings of the gembri, electric oud, and the mystical layers of Sufi chants. This marks an evolution from the Markus & Shahzad project, which originally featured Pakistani Qawwali singer Shahzad Santoo Khan. With the addition of Jaouad El Garouge from Morocco, the trio has refined their sound to include a broader spectrum of Arab and Mediterranean influences, encapsulated in the Maltese phrase “Alright Mela,” which translates to “All is well.”

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