Podcast: Listen to the Label Vol.7 – Wonderwheel Recordings (September 2019)

In our new podcast series, we’ve chosen to focus on who provide us with the precious “raw material” for our listenings and features: quality new music!

We are talking about those heroes who decided to launch, nurture and cultivate a record label (better if with an ‘independent’ in front of it). As the title suggests, Listen to the Label is our way to pay them a well-deserved tribute, disclosing and recognizing their invaluable work and letting them introduce it with words and tunes.

The summer break (and Tropical Pressure Festival) allowed us to get in touch and have a chat with the protagonist of the 7th episode of our podcast series, Nickodemus. Since 2003, the New York-based globetrotter DJ and producer, is also at the helm of Wonderwheel Recordings, an influential global dance label that has taken under its wing and published the records of musicians like Alsarah & the Nubatones, Chancha Via Circuito, El Buho, Novalima, Populous

Together with Aaron Schultz (who also runs Bastard Jazz Recordings), Nickodemus has spent the last 15 years of his life shaping and expanding Wonderwheel, and at the same time, shaping and expanding the New York’s global beats music scene thanks to his Turntables on the Hudson event series.

From a 12″ of DJ Angola released in December 2013, to the latest album of Afrosideral, we tried to retrace with Nickodemus the story of the label and at the same time the development of the East Coast world music scene, also asking him to pick five tracks in the Wonderwheel catalog.



Nickodemus feat. La Yegros – Caballito De Mar [from A Long Engagement; Wonderwheel Recordings – 2018]

Nickodemus feat. Carol C – Cleopatra in New York (Zim Zam Mix) [from Cleopatra in New York EP; Wonderwheel Recordings – 2004]

The Spy From Cairo – Aladdin Dub [from Arabadub; Wonderwheel Recordings – 2012]

Chancha Via Circuito  – Tarocchi [from Amansará; Wonderwheel Recordings – 2014]

Nickodemus – Night Blooming Jasmine [from A Long Engagement; Wonderwheel Recordings – 2018]