Podcast: Listen to the Label Vol.1 – Strut Records (February 2019)

Here’s a brand new podcast for your weekend!

This time we’ve chosen to focus on who provide us with the precious “raw material” for our listenings and features: quality new music!

We are talking about those heroes who decided to launch, nurture and cultivate a record label (better if with an ‘independent’ in front of it). As the title suggests, Listen to the Label is our way to pay them a well-deserved tribute, disclosing and recognizing their invaluable work and letting them introduce it with words and tunes.

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Our first guest is the founder of one of the independent labels we are most fond of, the London-based dance, West African, Afro-Caribbean and Afro-Brazilian infused Strut Records, which is celebrating its 20th birthday this year.

A few days ago, in the SOAS Radio Studio, we had a nice chat with Quinton Scott, who set Strut in motion back in 1999 and is today the A&R of the label.

Listen to the Label!


• Ibo Combo – Ti Garcon

• The Funkees – Dancing Time

• Pat Thomas – Yamona

• Claudio – Bonom Chinois