Playlist + Event Preview : Ushti Baba @ The Magic Garden (London; Friday 15th December 2023)

London, gear up for an electrifying night with Ushti Baba as they bring their riotous folk energy to the Magic Garden on Friday the 15th of December. But before you catch the magic live, let’s tantalise your taste buds with a sampling of their diverse influences through a specially curated playlist by the band.

So, dive into the vibrant world of Ushti Baba, where heavy beatbox rhythms meet enthusiastic foot-flinging, taking you through an energetic expedition from well-known melodies to unexplored territories. The band’s warm homage to traditional folk roots, coupled with a fresh perspective, promises a musical experience that captivates without fail.

But wait, there’s more – Ushti Baba have just released a new single “Pas de Passeport,” the first from their upcoming second album, and dedicated to the cause of refugee hospitality. The track, conceived after a border-crossing mishap, combines heavy doom with energetic optimism. All profits from the single will go to the UK-based charity Refugee Action.

As you explore the new single and playlist below, be sure to note the dates for their performance at the Magic Garden and ongoing UK tour, which includes the following shows:


Enjoy the travels and the music!



- Ticket for the Magic Garden show are available HERE
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