Playlist: Seeking New ‘Supreme Standards’ with Tina Edwards (January 2019)

If, on the one hand, we’re pretty sad about the closure of another nice London independent music venue like Ghost Notes – on the other, we feel the need to bless the birth of Supreme Standards, a brand new music platform aimed to support and expose “the best new UK and international jazz, funk, soul and more…”

Born in collaboration with Love Supreme Jazz Festival, Supreme Standards will do its debut tomorrow evening on the Peckham venue’s stage with a double bill presenting Ruby Rushton and Emma-Jean Thackray.

While, on Valentine’s day (Thursday 14th February), in collaboration with the eclectic label Tru Thoughts, they will bring to South London two talented young musicians like Ego Ella May and Bryony Jarman-Pinto.


To introduce you the new project, we asked one of its architects to musically present it. So, we have the pleasure to feature a playlist compiled for us by journalist, radio host and DJ Tina Edwards, who will also keep yourself busy dancing, DJing and MCing the show at Ghost Notes.

Enjoy her selection of up-and-coming jazzy musicians who will set “supreme standards” throughout 2019 and beyond…

Dowdelin – Laissé Mwen

This trio based in Lyon feed from influences across French pop, creole jazz and electronica. Their debut album ‘Carnaval Odyssey’ has just been released in the UK. From the moment I heard the album preview, I believed in them. Laissé Mwen is a grinder; vocal hooks drone behind frontwoman Olivya, making this catchy tune swivel.


Neue Grafik – I Miss Something

Producer, instrumentalist and DJ Neue Grafik has been holding down a live residency in Paris, with a bunch of releases behind him from UK labels including 22a and Rhythm Section. Swimming amongst bruk and jazz – only as a starting point – Neue Grafik’s music is equally suited to a jazz club as much as a sticky floor venue or night club.


Ego Ella May – Table For One

Newly signed to Tru Thoughts following a wicked Boiler Room set, Ego Ella May is an emerging soul-jazz artist with a debut album on route. Her tune ‘Table For One’ is an anthem for self-confidence. She’s playing our next show at Ghost Notes on 14 Feb with label mate Bryony Jarman-Pinto. Head honcho Robert Luis is DJing, too!


Ruby Rushton – Tisbury Truckin’

We’re approaching the release of Ruby Rushton’s third album, a South London band led by 22a founder and flautist Tenderlonious. I was lucky enough to have a sneaky preview; it’s provocative and sounds grander in scale. There’s a fresh element of playfulness on the track ‘Triceratops’, but it’s a dedication to a recent London tragedy which is particularly moving. This album will be talked about A LOT.


Nardeydey – FreeFalling

What’s really cool about Nardeydey is how distinct her path is. She’s a member of jazz band Nerija, a collective who’s members have been really proactive in finding their individual routes. With her first two singles Speedial and Freefalling, she’s giving us a left-field pop vibe. There’s loops, glitchy production and seriously catchy hooks. She’s shining on Lucky Number Music.



Not to sound like a broken record, but it has to be said; London Jazz has been one of the fastest and most impactful scenes to emerge worldwide this century – no word of exaggeration. And if there’s one track that represents this expansion of visibility? It’s Abusey Junction; the first track to go completely viral – it has more than 20 million hits on Youtube alone. So KOKOROKO, lead by Sheila Maurice-Grey, have set themselves up real nice for their first EP, coming out on Brownswood this Spring. Uman is our first glimpse, and it’s delicious afrobeat in the way that only KOKOROKO can do.


Lava La Rue – Widdit

This West London rapper and visionary is a gamechanger. A young twenty something, she is ‘mother’ of NINE8 Collective, who create music, hold events as well as design and model for their own fashion line. Lava La Rue is softly spoken with heavy impact words. Young, black and queer, she’s a future idol for an under-represented generation and minority. Her Letra EP is a soundtrack for 2AM contemplations.


Angel Bat Dawid – Impepho

One of Chicago’s local unsung heroes has been signed to International Anthem, the label behind Makaya McCraven, Jaimie Branch and Worldwide Awards 2019 winner Ben Lamar Gay. Angel’s first record, called The Oracle, is a spiritual creation, partly inspired by her travels in London and Johannesburg. The Composer, clarinetist and singer has played legends such as Roscoe Mitchell, has written and performed in her own cosmic opera, and holds down a residency in Chicago’s South Side. Her track Impepho is a glimpse into her create, avant-garde, no parameters world.


Gaijin Blues – Guardia Castle

This Poland based duo – made up of Naphta and PlayStation Yoga Music, are about to release their debut EP. It’s fuelled by their love of Japanese samples, which they extracted after a digging session in various cities across the country – including Osaka (which is a mecca for record collectors!). Oriental themes are colourfully explored, teamed with a Western dance-floor sensibility.


Resavoir – Escalator

This band coming out of Chicago is fronted by trumpeter Will Mellor, best known for his work with American indie outfit Whitney. He’s also played brass for Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne and the late Mac Miller amongst others. His new project, Resavoir, is like Radiohead on a Jazz trip.


Ill Considered – Ill Considered

This London trio dropped their fifth and sixth album at the same time, on the dawn of 2019. At times, their music is gritty and rough in the best way. Other times, lusciously contemplative.


Watch the full playlist: