Playlist: Radio Krimi’s Labels of 2020

Just like they did in 2019, our good friends at Radio Krimi decided to put together their very own end-of-the-year (play)list and dedicate it to record labels instead of musicians/bands or albums…

It goes without saying that we are more than happy to feature it on our pages and share it with you.

Below, you will indeed find 10 of the labels that inspired their music listening throughout the mad year that has just ended including some picks from their 2020 catalogues.


As we are used to write, enjoy Radio Krimi’s good taste, follow them 24/7 on or on their app, and subscribe to their newsletter!

Les Disques Bongo Joe (Geneva, Switzerland)

“Bongo Joe explores contemporary underground worlds and turn on the time machine to find unearth rare nuggets, from here and elsewhere.”


Radio Krimi's pick: Various - Leve Leve: Sao Tome & Principe Sound 70s-80s

Colemine Records (Loveland, Ohio, US)

“Ohio-based label putting out quality records with soul!”


Radio Krimi's pick: The GA-20 - Lonely Soul

Heavenly Sweetness (Paris, France)

“Heavenly Sweetness is a Parisian label spreading colourful Music for the Soul”.


Radio Krimi's pick: David Walters - Soleil Kréyol

Q-Sounds Recording (Seine-Saint-Denis, France)

“Two-headed Soul and Rhythm & Blues label based in Seine Saint-Denis, France.

Musicians, DJs, Diggers and Soul music lovers, Ludovic Bors and Chris Thomas decide to run a label on a 60s US model: most of the records are composed, recorded, produced and played by the label crew. They’ve built their own live and rough sound with analog only live recordings”.


Radio Krimi's pick: The Supertights - The Supertights

Underdog Records (Paris, France)

“Underdog Records is a french alternative Label based in Paris. Underdog Records philosophy is to promote new artists, mixing various styles : reggae and electro, hip-hop and soul, and rerelease some treasures of the ’70s”.


Radio Krimi's pick: João Selva - Navegar

Ropeadope (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US)

“A label, a brand, a moving force with a life of its own that is larger than life. Founded at the close of the last century, Ropeadope has taken the path never traveled, always following the music where it wants to go. From historically significant records with celebrity names to completely unknown artists, Ropeadope has crossed boundaries and defied music business logic to create a truly unique company that continues to release great records”.


Radio Krimi's pick: Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah - Axiom

MaAula Records (Angers, France)

“Re-issues, compilations or contemporary bands, MaAuLa seeks out nuggets from the past and present with record collectors or contemporary bands who reclaim world music repertoires to create original compositions – Exotic music for exotic people”.


Radio Krimi's pick: Passion Coco - Sudor y Arena

Trad Vibe Records (Paris, France)

“Trad Vibe records started in Paris in 2005 when two friends and open minded musicians decided to set up a label that would mainly focus on vinyl releases. In times when Serato and other midi controllers dominated the dj booths and when vinyl record sales were experiencing a major downturn, this endevour did not look like an easy bet”.


Radio Krimi's pick: MOAR - Boom Bap Mentality

Pimp Poetry Records (Morlaix, France)

“Hip-hop records label based in France, founded by underground producer Doc TMK“.


Radio Krimi's pick: Pimp Poetry Records - BOG Ku​$​h Kuts

Analog Africa (Germany)

“For a decade now, Samy Ben Redjeb’s seminal Analog Africa label has been unearthing the best in both explosive foot-shufflers and hypnotic sauntering treasures from Africa. -The future of music happened decades ago”.


Radio Krimi's pick: Various - La Locura de Machuca 1975​-​1980