Playlist: Radio Krimi’s Labels of 2019

This is going to be our last roundup of the year, we promise. Actually, it’s not even ours, but compiled by our friends at Radio Krimi. Next to their Catch of the Year, the Chamonix-based online radio, record label, DJs collective and global beats lovers also put together a list of the most interesting, inspiring and forward-looking labels in the “world music world”.

Since we are always more than keen to spread some love for all the people who make the scene better, we couldn’t help but feature their favourite labels of 2019 highlighting some of their most significant releases of year.

So, as we are used to write, enjoy Radio Krimi’s good taste, follow them 24/7 on or on their app, watch L.A. Session, their webseries dedicated to the eclectic Californian music scene and have a look at their brand new funky merchandise designed by French illustrator Ben Hito!


Les Disques Bongo Joe (Geneva, Switzerland)

“Bongo Joe explores contemporary underground worlds and turn on the time machine to find unearth rare nuggets, from here and elsewhere.”

Rocafort (Lausanne, Switzerland)

“Specialising in funk, soul, R&B, afrobeat and latin boogaloo from New York’s Spanish Harlem to the streets of Bamako in Mali, Rocafort Records deal in highly collectable vinyl nuggets for collectors, DJs and dancers worldwide.” 

Culture Power45 (Chicago, Illinois, US)

“Culture Power45 is a Label Exclusively for Vinyl: Culture Power 45 is a source grounded in providing culturally based sound to a worldwide audience via the limited vinyl and collectible 45 format. We believe in our mission of empowering the people through music so the people can power the culture!”

My Bags (Messac, France)

“Timeless music and releases crafted to last.
Not The Name, Not The Fame.”

Trad Vibe Records (Paris, France)

“Trad Vibe records started in Paris in 2005 when two friends and open minded musicians decided to set up a label that would mainly focus on vinyl releases. In times when Serato and other midi controllers dominated the dj booths and when vinyl record sales were experiencing a major downturn, this endevour did not look like an easy bet.”

Strut (London, UK)

“Strut is one of the leading reissue labels specialising in soul, funk, world sounds, disco, post-punk and industrial music. We also release new albums by original legends and new world music artists.”

Daptone Records (New York, US)

“Daptone Records – that little indie label that could, would and certainly should –continues to bring you the tastiest, most delectable nuggets of Soul, Funk, Gospel and Afrobeat to be found on a vinyl platter.”

Glitterbeat Records (Hamburg, Germany)

“Glitterbeat is built upon sounds and artists that transcend cultural pre-conceptions and genre specificity. The label was created to release records that simultaneously embrace evolving global textures and localized traditions and roots.”

Colemine Records (Loveland, Ohio, US)

“Ohio-based label putting out quality records with soul!”

Soundway Records (London, UK)

“Founded in 2002 by English DJ and Producer Miles Cleret, Soundway Records has released a number of critically acclaimed compilation albums and re-issues of African, Caribbean, Latin and Asian music from the 1950s-80s.”

Underdog Records (Paris, France)

“Underdog Records is a french alternative Label based in Paris. Underdog Records philosophy is to promote new artists, mixing various styles : reggae and electro, hip-hop and soul, and rerelease some treasures of the ’70s”

Heavenly Sweetness (Paris, France)

“Heavenly Sweetness is a Parisian label spreading colourful Music for the Soul.”

ATA Records (Leeds, UK)

“Independent label releasing soul, funk & jazz from our own vintage studio in Leeds.”

Ropeadope (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US)

“A label, a brand, a moving force with a life of its own that is larger than life. Founded at the close of the last century, Ropeadope has taken the path never traveled, always following the music where it wants to go. From historically significant records with celebrity names to completely unknown artists, Ropeadope has crossed boundaries and defied music business logic to create a truly unique company that continues to release great records.”

Rhymesayers (Minneapolis, Minnesota, US)

“Rhymesayers Entertainment is an independent hip-hop record label based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, founded in 1995.”