Your Ticket to… Latin Jazz – Eliane Correa: “Latin Jazz & Beyond” (October 2018)

On the London Latin Jazz Festival‘s eve, we couldn’t find a more appropriate cicerone to guide us through the musical marvels of Latin Jazz than the festival’s curator herself, Eliane Correa. Join the up & coming Cuban/Argentinian pianist, composer and arranger at Pizza Express Live tomorrow (Tuesday 16th October) and, in the meantime, jazz up your day with her take on Latin Jazz …

It’s impossible to resume Latin Jazz in a single playlist, so this is a mix of historically iconic artists and some more recent beautiful pieces of music that are continuing to make the genre justice.

A playlist that takes us from the traditional sound of Latin Jazz as played by the fathers of the genre to the paths and fusions that have continuously kept the intersection of ‘Latin’ and ‘Jazz’ blossoming. Enjoy!

(Eliane Correa)


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Watch the full playlist: