Daily Discovery: Nathan Haines – Belo Dia

Nathan Haines is set to release his eleventh studio album, Notes, on the 9th of August. The album, deeply rooted in a fusion of jazz and electronic music, includes the new single “Belo Dia.” This track pays homage to Brazilian music, featuring warm harmonies, a smooth bassline, and the vibrant sounds of the cuica. Rachel Clarke delivers the central vocals, supported by intricate instrumentation that includes Nathan Haines on flute and whistling, analog synthesizers, and real strings and drums recorded with vintage microphones. The piece was co-written by guitarist Leon Stenning, a former member of Haines’ live band in the UK, who has collaborated on this project that combines both old and new musical sketches.

The album also features Jonathan Crayford on piano, bass, and string arrangements, highlighting the collaborative essence of Haines’ work. The creative process for Notes was influenced by Haines’ personal experiences, including his recovery from throat cancer and significant life changes such as becoming a father and moving back to New Zealand.

Other notable collaborations on the album include contributions from Marc Mac of 4 Hero, Marc de Clive-Lowe, Jkriv from Razor-N-Tape, and Frank Booker, each adding their unique touch to the album’s sound.

Notes and ‘Belo Dia’ are now available on Nathan Haines’ Bandcamp page