Playlist: Elektric Voodoo – California Funky Fusion (June 2021)

Welcome June with some fresh, quality and groovy music courtesy of San Diego-based Elektric Voodoo.

The Southern California septet, which moved its first steps back in 2016, have brought new meanings to the psych-rock format. Their inclusive and broad-ranging sound shaped after years spent touring far and wide across the US and listening to every sort of beat of in the world, from Bob Dylan to Fela Kuti and everything in between, is thoroughly epitomised by their brand-new single ‘Wake Up’, which anticipates the band’s third album Telescope (check out the first two here), out in late August.

The single, as well as the upcoming album, reflects a dozen influences characterising Elektric Voodoo. Every band member has indeed built his musicianship on different musical backgrounds, so much so the nine tracks on Telescope sounds rock as well as Latin, funk, reggae, afrobeat, New Orleans jazz and so on and so forth…

To better introduce you to Elektric Voodoo, we asked the band members to pick some of their music influences and inspiration and try to describe their project through a playlist…

Afrobeat guitars, blissed out synths, heavy percussion mixed through a modern lens. Pop song craft and production dealing with a heavy topic, yet an ultimately optimistic message. Funky verses, soaring choruses, and abridge that sounds like Quentin Tarantino made a movie somewhere in the middle east.

(Elektric Voodoo)

. Nina Simone Funkier Than a Mosquito’s Tweeter
. The Voodoo JetsWake Up
. Jorge Ben Jor Cavaleiro Do Cavalo Imaculado
. The Budos BandBlack Venom
. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou Houe Djein Nada
. CAN Vitamin C
. Mauskovic Repeating Night
. Tame Impala The Moment
. Ali Farka Touré Bonde (with Ry Cooder)
. Dr. John Eleggua
The Five Stairsteps O-o-h Child
Fela Kuti He Miss Road


Photo ©: Sean Coyne