Playlist: Discover the “New World” of Megatronic (December 2020)

New label, new project and New World… We are always excited when new music projects come to life, and we can’t welcome them enough, especially when their creators are people who care about music and know tons about it, as well as being good old friends of Rhythm Passport.

If you follow us, you are probably already familiar with the Turntables on the Hudson series launched by Nickodemus back in 1999. Since August, the exhilarating global beats club nights happening on the Hudson bank in New York, have mutated into label form, becoming an even dancier version of the well-established sister project Wonderwheel Recordings.

To bless the new journey undertaken by Nickodemus, we are thrilled to introduce you to one of the first releases of TOTH, the fresh-out-of-the-oven EP by London born-and-bred singer/songwriter, DJ and producer (as well as former member of Black Cherry) Megatronic.

The musician, who’s based between the British capital, London; New York; and Dubai, where she launched a platform to support female musicians called Female First Sessions, started to produce and release music when she was 20. Since then, Megane (her real name) has shaped her very own sound based on her African roots, London experiences and musical listenings ranging from funk to disco and soul to electronica. So much so that New World is a blend of Afro-house, global dance and electro-pop with an explicit clubby attitude.

Setting words aside for a moment, we have the pleasure to introduce you to Megatronic and her music in an even more engaging way, through a playlist she prepared for us featuring some of her distant past and most recent music influences…

[mx_youtuber type=”playlist” theme=”dark” id=”PLm-A6FpBfgffpByRRHPbBLr6rvFsJalgO” display=”title,description,meta” cols=”4″ rows=”3″]

Watch the full playlist: