Playlist: Balamuc x Arsenal of Sounds

…and after Raka, let’s meet with the second act who will be sitting at the controls in the Balkan Express cab and performing at Woolwich Works on Friday 2nd of December for the fourth Arsenal of Sounds event.

Formed by seven musicians hailing from London, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific, Balamuc embodies an exuberant, welcoming and neat depiction of Balkan and Gypsy music, also featuring a thoroughly London character.


They like to let their audience dance their sets away, so get ready for one hour of wild, uptempo and acrobatic Eastern European vibes!

To set a very Balamuc (madhouse in Romanian) mood and spur your party instinct, they prepared a 10-track playlist…



To get your ticket/s, pay a visit to the Woolwich Works' website