Playlist: Awalé (June 2019)

Since 2009, Awalé represents one of the best embodiments of London’s cultural diversity and richness. But it’s in the last two years, through the collaboration between Senegalese singer Biram Seck and French guitarist Thibaut Remy, that the seven-piece band has strengthened its characteristic sound built on Pan-African styles like afrobeat, Ethio-funk, soukous and desert blues, and enriched by eclectic influences, from Balkan to Latin music, including jazz, hip-hop, contemporary folk and much more.

Today, the ensemble is (almost) ready to add a new chapter to its story. During the last few years, the musicians have indeed written and put together enough material for a second album, for which they have launched a crowdfunding campaign.

We asked them to introduce us to the work revealing the inspiration behind their upcoming release. So, they ‘sat together around a table’, collected their thoughts and compiled a playlist including their influences and most recent music listenings.

Discover Awalé’s musical taste and don’t forget to support the release of Yewoulen following this LINK!

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Watch the full playlist: