Playlist: Amaraterra x Arsenal of Sounds

On the 4th of November, yes in just 5 days, the Beanfeast at Woolwich Works will go fully Mediterranean for an evening brimming with pizzica and gnawa rhythms courtesy of Amaraterra and Simo Lagnawi and Gnawa London.

If you still haven’t done it, that’s also a perfect occasion to listen and dance to the new album of the best pizzica band in all the UK.

Amaraterra has indeed released its second LP, Malvasia, only a few months ago and will pour all its energy, rhythmic drive and Southern Italy scents onto the Woolwich Works’ stage.

To give you an idea of what to expect, have a listen to the album following THIS LINK and enjoy the “strictly pizzica” playlist they compiled to set you in the Salentinian mood…



- You can buy your ticket/s for the 3rd appointment of Arsenal of Sounds HERE -