Hit The Road Music Studio: Nova Folk Instruments Ensemble

After a two years hiatus, during which they traveled around Europe and far beyond, our favorite travelers at heart and music lovers at Hit The Road Music Studio are back!

In 2018, they hit the road from Poland to Morocco in their “magic bus,” a fully equipped caravan with professional studio recording equipment and cameras, to film and record live sessions with local musicians. Since then, they have never stopped hitting the road, recording, producing, and spreading good vibes.

Check out the latest episode of their adventure and let the good music roll…

The Nova Folk Instruments Ensemble, established in September 2015 under the artistic direction of Hovik Sahakyan, is a prominent group within the Naregatsi Art Institute.

With 21 instrumentalists and two vocalists, the ensemble has earned accolades for their performances, including prestigious awards in national contests and festivals.

They are dedicated to preserving Armenian cultural heritage and have successfully collaborated with renowned artists and participated in educational and charitable initiatives throughout Armenia.


Words from Ady:

Everything has been recorded during our 2 week Armenia journey where we recorded 12 songs with DJs, Pop artists, traditional folk groups, and more. Personally, it was another exciting journey with a lot of stories and good memories thanks to our friends John Melykian and Charles from Kali Audio who joined us from Los Angeles and organised the artists, cables, mic stands, transport, and connected us with so many local musicians and producers as well as their family. It was incredible to see so young and talented artists gathering to play the music that carries the DNA of their country. Music is a powerful tool to pass history to the next generation. I want to thank one more time everyone involved to make this adventure possible and wish everyone the best.

Nova Folk Instruments Ensemble performing “Dle Yaman” by Armenian musicologist, composer, arranger, singer, priest and choirmaster Komitas

Nova Folk Ensemble performing a medley of three songs by Komitas – “Qeler, Tsoler”, “Hodallo” and “Yet u Araj”

The full documentary about our recording journey can be watched here:

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Photos ©: Davit Berberyan (cover image) & Tigran Apikyan (insert)



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