News: Superhero Run – Regent’s Park (May 2017)

Totally unrelated to music, other than one of our new reviewers, Sarah Stonedale, took part in the Superhero Run, last Sunday. Despite having two disabilities, she ran with her children and dressed as spider woman for Woman’s Trust and so far has raised nearly £500! 

Woman’s Trust provides lifesaving therapy for women who have experienced domestic abuse, but often have to turn people away due to a deficit in funding with the budget cuts. 

Now more than ever; we need your help, 3 women are murdered in the UK every week by their current or former partner, the police receive a domestic violence related call every 30 seconds… 78% of women will experience PTSD after abuse, yet less than 14% of us will receive the mental health help that we need to recover. 

Help Sarah make a difference; donate or share her fundraising page HERE