News: Onipa share pure joy with their new video for “Woza”

London and its music scene are always able to surprise us. So much so, that one of their most recently born offspring is a quality union between Afrofuturism, Congotronics, funk and urban electronic vibes.

Onipa (which means ‘human being’ in Ghanaian Asanta language) is indeed one of the most exciting names coming from the British capital, blending Kweku (from K.O.G. & the Zongo Brigade) “afro-fusionist” perspective and Tom Excell (from Nubiyan Twist) love for global sounds.

You can pre-order Onipa’s debut EP (Open My Eyes) following this LINK. In the meantime, experience, enjoy and dance to their second single with our video-premiere of “Woza” and let these “Shamanistic Afro-rhythms” carry you away!

WOZA…expression of happiness, joy and content. The magic of connecting with people on a simplistic, but beautiful level through music that makes you want to dance and forget your distress”.