News: ‘Luzmila and the Birds’ Kickstarter Campaign (November 2020)

For once we write about an album that hasn’t even been released, but that doesn’t mean it needs our and your support any less. It’d indeed be a shame and a loss for everyone who cares about and is interested in Latin American culture if it didn’t come into being.

The last time Bolivian tradition torchbearer Luzmila Carpio released an album of original songs was in 2003. Since then, the singer/songwriter from Qala Qala in the Oruro department has still spread the Quechua and Bolivian indigenous culture around the world, but not through adding new chapters to her already remarkable discography.

In 2015, Argentinian label ZZK Records published what was the latest collection of songs related to her, an album of remixes featuring seven greats of the Nu LatAm scene paying tribute to Luzmila’s name.

That was also when a creative and working relationship between the singer and the label started. A relationship which is still going on today. ZZK has indeed recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to produce Luzmila Carpio’s new album and related documentary titled Luzmila and the Birds.

As Pablo Mensi, the documentary director, stated: “I think Luzmila and the Birds is the most important documentary I’ve had to develop because of the sensitivity of the protagonist, the beauty of her music, and the importance of her message about environmental awareness, female empowerment, and social justice“.

The project is without a doubt one of the most powerful and relevant works launched by the ZZK family, and it even acquires new and telling meanings in light of the current Bolivian events. With the election which happened two weeks ago, Bolivia has just hopefully ended a grim period of social and political unrest, which was exacerbated by the Covid-19 emergency affecting the country and rural areas in particular.

For this reason, next to its cultural and folkloric significance, Luzmila and the Birds is also a ray of hope for the indigenous Andean communities.

So, think about donating to the campaign by following THIS LINK, and help ZZK to shine a light on and amplify the message of an inspirational artist, activist and ambassador of the Quechua culture.

Cover Photo ©: Fernando Cuellar