News: Dijf Sanders Brings You To Java

There is a Ghent-based multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer who is getting used to surprising us with his constantly original new projects. We’re talking about Dave ‘Dijf’ Sanders. Since 2004, the Belgian artist has been exploring the blurred borders between electronica, jazz and psychedelia, always looking for remote influences with which to enrich his sound.

That’s also what happened in his latest project – inspired by the culture and music of Java. Thanks to Europalia, the biennial arts festival happening across Europe and currently celebrating Indonesia, Dave Sanders had the opportunity to spend two weeks on the South-East Asian Island, listening to and (field) recording from the lush music environment.

After those two weeks, he brought hours and hours of recordings back to Belgium where he reshaped them with the help of Nathan DaemsFilip Vandebril and Simon Segers (members of the Ethio-Jazz & Dub ensemble Black Flower).

The final outcome is represented by nine tracks on an album – released on the 9th of December by Werf Records – portraying the significant cultural experience that the musician had travelling with the American ethnomusicologist Palmer Keen. Titled Java, the album is a deep immersion into local traditions, everyday life of the urban and rural communities, and the island’s exuberant nature, everything adorned with a jazzy touch.

We have the pleasure to present to you an extract from Java – a four-minute video that will make you feel like you are actually wandering around the island through the eyes and ears of Dijf Sanders.