News: BRZZVLL presents Waiho

We had the pleasure to include their new album’s title-track (“Wahio”) in the September instalment of our monthly compilation, and now we haven’t missed the opportunity to premiere another of their new tunes.

The reason why we are so delighted to introduce you to BRZZVLL and their music is “simply” because of their sound: a mellow and deeply alluring blend of the finest Belgian jazz, engaging West African rhythms and enveloping soundscapes built on dreamy psychedelia, electronic effects and even some upbeat dub refinements. 

Since 2006, the collective – founded by Vincent Brijs in Antwerp – has introduced us to a kaleidoscopic and constantly high standard of jazz fusion. Waiho, their seventh studio album, will be released by the Belgian label Sdban Records on the 6th of October and it doesn’t disappoint, progressing further along this road by presenting an entirely instrumental track list.

Before getting your hands and ears on Waiho, enjoy “Jee” and the groove of one of the most interesting realities of the Belgian jazz scene.


Photo ©: Bernaded Dexters