Mixtape: Go with the Flow – Afrobeat meets Hiphop

“Fela is the one African figure who’s story resonates with modern American hiphop culture.” As we celebrate the 85th birthday of Fela Kuti and the 50th anniversary of global hiphop culture, I wanted to show how perfectly the two match. Afrobeat and hiphop music, rap, consciousness… they just mesh as if they were meant to be together. Just imagine a breakdance cypher on one of these tracks. Check out the MC’s laying their rhymes on these tunes. It just flows!

1. Seun Kuti & Black Thought – African Dreams Remix
2. Baloji & L’Orchestre De La Katuba feat. Kuku – Buy Africa
3. Amerigo Gazaway feat. Yummy Bingham – Much More (Fela Soul)
4. Dr. Drumah – Shadow Dance / Africanism / Freedom Fighters
5. M.CHUZI feat. Mixmonster Menno – Pickles
6. Tunji Allen – Rivers of All Time
7. Zebrabeat feat. MG. Calibre – Pescador de Fragmentos
8. Eskorzo Afrobeat Experience – Llévatelo
9. Femi Kuti feat. AfriCali & Eyezon & Dr.Cornel West – Sorry Africa ((ReWorked))
10. Alma Afrobeat Ensemble with DJ Farmo – Siempre Presente
11. Seun Kuti & Blitz The Ambassador – Make You No Forget
12. Cacique 97 feat. Ikonoklasta, Sagas, Sir Scratch & Bob Da Rage Sense – Sr. Diplomata
13. Cacique’97 feat. Azagaia – Mahala
14. Alma Afrobeat Ensemble feat. Krukid – The Fight is in the Streets (15M) (DJ Floro & Oscar Martos Mix)
15. Rael – Caminho
16. tUnE-yArDs, Questlove, Angelique Kidjo & Akua Naru – Lady
17. Terrakota – Ekuality Is Kuality
18. Oghene Kologbo feat. Joseph Cotton – My People
19. Instigator Afrobeat Orchestra feat. MAS1A – Free Flow
20. Tonho Crocco – Baobá
21. Radio Mundi – Big Man-Ossain
22. POAO – Medicine
23. Dead Prez, Talib Kweli, Jorge Ben & Bilal – Shuffering & Shmiling
24. Fanga – Dounia (Radio Chango Sound System remix)
25. BNegão & Os Seletores de Frequência – Bass Do Tambô
26. Cheikh Lô, Les Nubians & Manu Dibango – Shakara/Lady
27. Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 feat. M1 (Deaf Pres) – IMF
28. Fanga feat. Tony Allen – Crache La Douleur
29. Leeroy feat. Noraa – Zombie

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