Mixes: Rhythm Passport Vol.79 – Worm Disco Club

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“The mix recorded by Nathan Worm and Jake Worm one grey winter November afternoon when we had a nice time with tea and tunes. Just a bunch of proper groovy numbers from across the African spectrum.

No clever mixing just a nice selection. There’s just one modern track in there (Andy Ordonez on the always brilliant Names You Can Trust label), but even that track is very representative of something from a by-gone era.

Music that has its roots in two or three different places. Music with lots of rhythm/percussion/groove is our thing really. Two of the guys are lifelong percussionists/drummers (not in the ‘kit’ sense) but with deep ties to maracatu music of North East Brazil. Another music from North East Brazil forró is featured in the mix with a track from Camarão (Analog Africa released a comp of his stuff). This music features the accordion as the lead instrument. We like music that features the accordion.

Hi-life, Afro funk, Disco-ey bits, Caribbean stuff all feature. This is a fair representation of the kind of gear we like to play out to a crowd – we keep it broad, it never gets boring that way.

(Worm Disco Club)



  1. Charlie’s Roots – Kojak (00.00 )
  2. Gyedu Blay Ambolley – Take Am So (02.51)
  3. Andy Ordonez – Giriga (08.09)
  4. Hariri – Senyamo (11.41)
  5. M’bamina – Djambo (15.50)
  6. Lord Shorty – Plant De Land (19.36)
  7. Dom – Jangada (25.29)
  8. Elgon – Bi-Bap Do Ceara (31.05)
  9. Camarão – Ò Tama É Nordeste (31.18 )
  10. Lumingo aka Zorro Puati – Dadavi Pitie (36.21)
  11. Jewel Ackah – Wulemo (40.37)
  12. ROB – Just One More Time (45.00)