Mixes: Rhythm Passport Vol.65 – Lagartijeando

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We always prefer to let the music “do the talking”, and when it comes to DJs and producers, this means featuring their selections. So, we have seized the opportunity, and to celebrate and introduce you to his latest release (Revisión) for Big in Japan, we are thrilled to present a mix compiled for Rhythm Passport by Lagartijeando.
The mix fully reflects the soul of the Argentinian musician’s fresh-off-the-press EP presenting three original tracks performed together with the seminal indigenous group from the Chaco region Coro Qom Chelaalapi, and their remixes by Intiche, Klick & Flix and Oxhala. “Blending traditional songs with brooding beats and big grooves, The Revisión EP is a unique and special collaboration exploring the tribe’s rich musical heritage with contemporary production”.
Track List:
1. Coro Qom Chelaalapi – Caya
2. Mente Organica – La Llanura (Sidirum Remix)
3. M.RUX & Thomash – Tukuna Hering
4. Coro Qom Chelaalapi meets Lagartijeando – Lapacho
5. Le serpent (Lagartijeando edit)
6. Joaquin Cornejo feat. Wabi Sabi – Esmeralda
7. BirdZzie & Helena9999 – Tchori Tchori
8. Coro Qom Chelalaapi meets Lagartijeando – Zorro Zagas (Oxhala Remix)
9. Ground – Tumulus (Dengue Dengue Dengue Remix)
10. Sidirum & Jin Yerei – Mono (Ninze Remix)
11. Andrea Balicki – Manali
12. Carrot Green – Domingo a Noite em Heliodora
13. Acid Pauli – Eulogy to Eunice (CharliEM. Edit)
14. Bernstein – Babel