Mixes: Rhythm Passport Vol.57 – Giacomo Lee – Midnite Munchies; The Eat & Sleep Mix

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Midnight Munchies – The Eat & Sleep Mix by Giacomo Lee
“Music for a restless night, and a restless belly. All tracks made in Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and elsewhere in the Far East”.

Track List:

Side A: FOOD
00.00: Risso – Allergy
03:10: Ame To Kanmuri – Hungry
07.00: Chip Tanaka – Hungry
09.00: Aku Seto – Pomelo
11.10: Humming Urban Stereo – Banana Shake
16.25: My Little Airport – My Little Banana
18.15: Sapphire Slows – Dry Fruits
21.50: Yeule – Pocky Boy
25.45: Fuji Chao – Tokyo Night
28.00: Glen Check – Dreaming Kills
32.10: Xin Seha – Tomorrow is Everyday
35.55: Gongjoong Doduk – Moons
39.00: Ureluna – On the Back Side of the Moon

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