Mixes: Rhythm Passport Vol.33 – Area Boys

Area Boys – Palmwine Guitars and Ngoma Rhythms

Area Boys are taking you back in time, opening the vault for a special selection of our best classic dancefloor fillers. A journey through the African continent, starting in featuring mesmerising Highlife from by the legend and innovator Eric Agyeman and Hedzoleh Soundz famously featured by Hugh Masekela, via Togo featuring the classic Ne Noya by Coz-Ber-Zam on to Nigeria with a track from the master Afrobeat smith Fela Kuti.

After a brief stop in Angola for a session of Semba with Os Kiezos and Ze Da Lua we move to the centre of the continent to hear ecstatic soukous guitars from DR of Congo’s finest Alain Kounkou and the legend that is Kanda Bongo Man. Sprinkling in a Guadaloupe variation of Zouk from superstars Kassav’ we stay in DR of Congo with the super hit Doublé Doublé by Nyoba and finally a velvet Rumba by M’Pongo Love.

Drs Area Boys do issue a health warning: unstoppable smiling might be contagious and will affect people in your immediate environment! Use with care!

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Track List:

  1. Eric Agyeman – I Don’t Care
  2. Hedzoleh Soundz – Rekpete
  3. Cos-Ber-Zam – Ne Noya
  4. Fela Kuti – He Miss Road
  5. Os Kiezos – Memórias de Lamartine
  6. Zé Da Lua – Ulungu Wami
  7. Alain Kounkou – Missile
  8. Kanda Bongo Man – Bili
  9. Soukous Stars – Bazo
  10. Kassav’ – Zouk la Sé Sél Médikaman Nou Ni
  11. Awilo Longomba – Karolina
  12. Nyboma – Doublé Doublé
  13. M’Pongo Love – Femme Commercante