Mixes: Groovalizacion Radio Albums (December 2017)

Every month, Groovalizacion Radio selects the 10 best albums in the field of innovative, cutting-edge World Music 2.0 – One ‘special recommendation’ plus nine albums in no particular order.

Discover this months’ selection in this handy mixtape. Find the full archives HERE

Mista Savona Havana Meets Kingston (Baco Records)

‘Havana Meets Kingston’ is an innovative, border-crossing album that brings together legendary and emerging Cuban and Jamaican musicians in a world first recording project. It turned out to be a huge celebration of the musical richness of both islands, covering classics like Chan Chan and Rastaman Vibration with great joy. From the liner notes: “The album simmers with an energy, warmth and sincerity that seems increasingly hard to find in this digital age. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it.”

In the mix tracks from our selected albums:

Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou & Bosq – Bosq Meets Poly Rhythmo Uptown (Sol Power Sound)
Renegades of Jazz – Moyo Zaidi (Agogo Records)
Capoeira Soundsystem – Capoeira Soundsystem (self-released)
Buyepongo – Tumbalo (self-released)
Lindigo – Komsa Gayar (Helico Music)
Victor Rice – Smoke (Easy Star Records)
VV.AA. – Republicafrobeat Volume 4 (Kasba Music)
Jowee Omicil – Let’s Bash (Jazz Village)
Andre Sampaio – Alagbe (self-released)