Preview: Marimbea in London @ Soas & Hootananny (London; Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th November 2022)

We know, we know, it’s the London Jazz Festival week…still we are also sure that your ears and legs are ready to listen and dance to something completely different, but equally enriching and exciting…something as heartening and invigorating as the sound of marimba.

In fact, on Saturday and Sunday, you can enjoy and dive into authentic Afro-Colombian vibes and rhythms brought to London by Marimbea, an immersive Colombian Pacific Coast music experience led by educator, composer, producer and musician Adrian Sabogal (have a read of our interview with him from last August here).

As its name suggests, Marimbea moves from the warming and genuine timbre of the marimba but goes far beyond that, welcoming the rhythmic drive coming from areas like Guapi, Tumaco, Timbiquí, and Buenaventura.

The project, which shines a light on and supports the region and its inhabitants by organising musical adventures and trips led by local guides, will have a London tour this weekend consisting of a two-day workshop at SOAS University and a gig at Hootananny together with the Movimientos party troupe.

On Saturday and Sunday (from 11AM till 4PM), you encounter, sense and even test first-hand Marimbea in action. Head for SOAS and you can take part in two five-hour-long workshops offering a full-immersion into the culture, history and rhythms of the Colombian Pacific Coast. Led by Adrian and Juan “Cankita” Mindinero, one of the most dedicated composers, interpreters and cultural torchbearers of the Nariño’s tradition, you will connect to, learn and practice music and dance expressions of the communities living in the region.

On Saturday night, you can put those dance moves into practice in Brixton. Movimientos are indeed organising a one-off Pan-Afro-Latin bash at Hootananny, and as well as Cankita, Adrian and London-based Colombian musicians setting free the percussive energy of bambuco, it will feature the smooth dancey grooves of the Bonita House Band, a set by inspired Bogotana alt-pop singer/songwriter Montañera, tropical electro vibes by Mafe and the usual eclectic and quality selection by Movimientos “cacique” Cal Jader.

This weekend, follow Marimbea for a full immersion into the Colombian Pacific Coast way of life, its sincere and profound soul and vibrant cultural expressions…


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