News: ‘I Follow My Heart and I Follow My Soul’… K.O.G. (K.O.G & the Zongo Brigade) performs “Money”

It’s always interesting when musicians confront themselves with art forms that are not music. That’s what our favourite “afro-fusionist” K.O.G., frontman of K.O.G & the Zongo Brigade, has recently done adapting and reciting one of his new songs titled “Money”. 
On FridayK.O.G. & the Zongo Brigade will visit London and surely turn Pop Brixton upside-down with their funky energy…in the meantime, get into the West African mood enjoying Kweku’s new work:
This poetry is written and recited in Pidgin language, a popular West African form of broken English and talks about the socio-economic issues of Africa, the value of money and its relevance to religion, lifestyle and culture“.
(Kweku Sackey)


I follow my heart and I follow my soul
I promise my mother I’ll always be home
Feeding the chicken and feeding the goat
But for now I’ll be going am going to grow
Chale the system dey make a dey craze
Plenty wahala nobody want pay
you struggle every morning your mother complain…your father complain..nobody maintain
The money be power the money be hour
No pain no gain you dey under fire you work and retire you find your desire, but like is too hard so you calling messiah. Who is messiah? The one in your prayer but every Sunday you been feeding your pastor, the system disaster the rich will be richer , the poor will be poorer, life in Africa. 
We never go follow the people dey people the money …The money is trouble.