Event Preview & Playlist: Ko Shin Moon UK Tour (Friday 4th to Monday 7th November 2022)

One of the most genre-defying and erratic (for all the good reasons) acts on the global beats scene is finally doing its UK debut with a three-leg mini-tour which will see them on stage on Saturday in Liverpool (Future Yard), Sunday in Bristol (The Lanes) and finally on Monday in London (Shacklewell Arms).

Ko Shin Moon, a musically well-assorted and eclectic duo fully reflecting and embodying in its sound the multiculturalism of Aubervilliers, and the Parisian suburbs where it originated in 2017, will let you dance to influences and vibes from all over the world.

Even if their starting point is well-rooted in the Anatolian psychedelia and French avant-garde of the 1970s and ’80s, Niko Shin and Alex Moon’s inspiration wanders on dancy synth-pop grooves to reach the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, the Far East and even Latin America.

To facilitate our job and describe Ko Shin Moon’s sound in a more accurate way, we thought that there was no better way than to ask the musicians to go into details about their influences and compile a playlist…

Enjoy Ko Shin Moon’s music listenings and perspective and join them (and us) on their UK 3-leg tour!