Hit The Road Music Studio: Ady & Kasia Take You to the Desert

Ady and Kasia from Hit The Road Music Studio are back on Rhythm Passport with their musical journey to record artists all over the world and support their musical heritage and culture.

They recently released a documentary retracing their experience and you can have a sneak peek into it watching the trailer below…

In this 45 minute documentary, Ady is our virtual tour guide through a sunshiny Morocco, and introduces us to the country’s incredible culture, its food and especially – MUSIC!

In July 2019, Ady and Kasia moved from their apartment in Krakow, Poland into a camping van, fully equipped with microphones and “art utensils”. They decided to start travelling the world on four wheels and record local bands wherever they stopped.

Their journey eventually brought them to the depth of the Moroccan desert, which led to many fantastic meetings. Since then, they recorded the debut album for Izouran N-Sahara and filmed more than 60 music videos for local artists showcasing and supporting their culture and heritage.

The documentary is an invaluable opportunity to go through a full immersion into Moroccan and North African indigenous culture, next to getting some sunshine into your house.


You can purchase the full documentary on Patreon or donating via PayPal. As well as getting instant access to the film (you will receive a download link and a private code for streaming on YouTube) and supporting Hit The Road Music Studio project, you will also receive other benefits, like a free download of Izouran N-Sahara‘s new album.

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