Event Preview & Playlist: Indonesian Music Expo 2024 (Ubud, Indonesia; Thursday 9th to Sunday 12th May 2024)

If you are lucky enough to find yourself in Bali this week, make your way to Ubud for the Indonesian Music Expo (IMEX), a four-day festival immersing you in the diverse sounds and rhythms of Indonesia.

Now in its fourth edition and organised by dedicated and forward-looking musicologist Franki Raden, IMEX showcases an array of musical talent from across Indonesia’s 17,000 islands, reflecting the nation’s rich cultural mosaic. This year, the festival continues to highlight both traditional and contemporary Indonesian music, including gamelan and keroncong, which have made significant contributions to the global world music scene, now accounting for about 10% of the global music market.

In addition to inspiring performances with free entry, IMEX 2024 will feature a series of seminars, workshops, and demonstrations designed to deepen your understanding of Indonesian musical heritage and its contemporary applications. Attendees will also have the unique opportunity to view instruments crafted by the renowned Balinese luthier I Wayan Tuges, making IMEX an all-round celebration of Indonesian music and culture.

While for the majority of us who are not in Bali, and maybe stuck at a desk in London or elsewhere in the world, you’ll still have the opportunity to connect with IMEX and its founder Franki Raden in Europe at WOMEX in Manchester this October. The two music expos recently launched a significant partnership, aiming to enhance the international presence of Indonesian music and challenge the dominance traditionally held by Western artists.

Finally, for those who are not in Bali but eager to explore and listen to Indonesian emerging acts, we’ve compiled a playlist featuring some of the acts performing at the expo.


Enjoy our selection below and find more info about IMEX HERE