Daily Discovery: OUM – Lagrimas Negras (Live in Marrakech)

In her version of Miguel Matamoros‘ famous Cuban bolero-son “Lagrimas Negras,” Oum has translated and adapted the lyrics into Moroccan Arabic (Darija). This rendition, recorded at The Source in Marrakech in July 2023, beautifully blends the music of Cuba with that of Morocco.

Born in Casablanca, Oum is known for her versatile artistry, blending traditional Arabic and Western Saharan music with soul, jazz, and electronic influences. Her upbringing in cosmopolitan Marrakech enriched her musical palette.

Her powerful voice and creative musical style have earned her the title of Moroccan diva. Albums like Soul of Morocco, Zarabi, and DABA showcase her commitment to addressing social issues, delving into themes like environmental degradation, the plight of refugees, and the social status of women, advocating for empowerment and equality.