Daily Discovery: Yalnayak – B​ı​rakt​ı​ğ​ı​n Yerden ft. Can Ömer Uygan (Wapi Rework)

Wapi‘s remix of “Bıraktığın Yerden” from Yalnayak‘s debut album, Ayıp Olmasın, showcases a unique twist on the original track by the Istanbul-based psychedelic electronic funk band. The album, which was released on the 1st of March via Alt Orient, blends electronic sounds with Anatolian melodies.

Yalnayak features Damla Temel on vocals, Batuhan Camcı on bass, Semih Düz on guitar, and Utku Temel (Netam) on keyboards. The band explores Turkish folklore and youthful energy, creating a vibrant sound with deep bass grooves and funky guitar riffs.

Ayıp Olmasın showcases Yalnayak’s evolution as musicians and storytellers through a diverse track list ranging from ethereal ballads to high-energy stunners. 

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