Daily Discovery: Train To Roots – Gaza

Train to Roots, the renowned reggae group hailing from Sardinia, infuses its signature uptempo sound with raw energy and social consciousness in “Gaza,” a single from their upcoming eighth album, expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people amid ongoing violence.

Born from a desire to take a clear stance against the ongoing civilian tragedy in Gaza, and drawing inspiration from Peppino Mereu‘s poignant poem ‘Nanneddu Meu’ from the 1890s, the song emerges as a bold statement against the ongoing civilian crisis in Palestine, echoing historical struggles in Sardinia. Through a transformative narrative, ‘Nanneddu’ evolves into ‘Muhammeddu,’ transporting the narrative of oppression to modern-day Palestine.

Recorded at Roble Factory Studio, the track incorporates electronic sounds such as analog synths and an urban drum pattern. The single also marks the beginning of Train To Roots’ partnership with Phonotype, a historic Neapolitan label with a rich musical heritage spanning over a century.