Daily Discovery: The Bolokos feat. Fanswa Ladrezeau – Kouté Pou Tann

Formed in 2009 in Goyave, Guadeloupe, The Bolokos is a pioneering band blending punk, rock, ska, and influences from Creole and Celtic Music.

They recently collaborated with Gwo Ka legend Fanswa Ladrezeau to create “Kouté Pou Tann,” blending Gwo Ka music and punk-rock for the first time.

Despite primarily performing in Guadeloupe and Martiniqu, The Bolokos have gained international recognition, including performances at the UK’s Rebellion Festival.

“Kouté Pou Tann” showcases their unique fusion; the song’s lyrics, sung in Guadeloupean Creole, resonate with themes of resilience and unity, echoing the band’s deep-rooted connection to their cultural heritage.

You can follow the band HERE