Daily Discovery: Saint Levant ft. MC Abdul – Deira

In a compelling live rendition, Saint Levant, a Palestinian-Algerian rapper, in collaboration with the young and talented MC Abdul, presents a fresh take on their collaborative song “Deira.” This version breathes new life into the track, celebrating the indomitable spirit and rich cultural heritage of Gaza through the traditional sounds of Shaabi music. Released by Universal Arabic Music, “Deira” weaves together the rich cultural influences of both Algerian and Palestinian traditions.

The song draws its name from a once-standing hotel in Gaza, built by Levant’s father, which is now reduced to rubble. MC Abdul adds depth with his English verses, sharing his personal ties and sentiments towards Palestine.

Accompanied by a video that honours Arab culture, “Deira” aims to amplify the voices of Gaza, bringing their stories to a global audience. Watch and listen to “Deira” HERE