Daily Discovery: Princess Vinia – Barbasin

Princess Vinia, a singer from the Nso tribe in the North Western Region of Cameroon, has recently released her new single “Barbasin” via Lionz Muzik. Known for drawing inspiration from the traditional and folk music of her people, Princess Vinia combines expressive vocals with rhythmic guitar lines and percussive rhythms, capturing the rich musical heritage of her community.

“Barbasin” delves into themes of cultural heritage and resilience, highlighting the traditions and experiences of the Nso people. This track is part of her upcoming EP, which focuses on preserving and promoting indigenous sounds. Princess Vinia’s music blends heartfelt lyrics with contemporary elements, creating a deep connection with her audience.

Princess Vinia has gained recognition through various cultural and music events, establishing herself as a notable voice in the Cameroonian music scene. She continues to promote the cultural identity of the Nso people through her music, sharing their stories and traditions with a wider audience.

You can listen to and download the single HERE