Daily Discovery: Natty – Ascension

Natty, the soul-reggae sensation, is back with his first single in five years, “Ascension,” released on the spring equinox. Recorded in Jamaica, it marks the start of a new musical journey of healing.

“Ascension” showcases Natty’s skilful fusion of reggae and soul, inspired by a diverse range of musicians such as Neil Young and Bob Marley. Thematically, the song delves into the journey of overcoming obstacles and seeking spiritual enlightenment, resonating with themes of positivity, discipline, and self-awareness.

Having emerged from the grassroots open mic scene to secure a record deal with Atlantic Records, Natty’s career has been defined by a blend of achievements and artistic innovation. His upcoming projects include a highly anticipated third album, promising further musical exploration and creative evolution.

Find more info and listen to the song HERE