Daily Discovery: Mari Kalkun – Suur tamm / The Great Oak (live)

“The song about the great oak belongs to the oldest layer of Estonian folklore. It explains the birth of the world and is linked to the Finnic myth of the world tree. So it’s a composition which draws inspiration from a traditional Estonian myth of the great oak.

The story tells you about the great oak that one day grows so tall that it hides the sun and the whole world becomes dark and cold. People in trouble are looking for ways to save the world but nothing helps as the oak seems to be made out of iron. Eventually a small boy with magical axe comes, cuts down the oak, rescuing the world from the darkness. Many practical things/possessions are made from the wood of the oak and the remains are thrown into the sea”.

Listen to the track: https://shorturl.at/gqGJV

Listen to the album: https://lnk.to/RW254