Daily Discovery: Mari Kalkun – Mu välläkoolõmise pääl kiil (EMA – Estonian Music Awards 2024)

Watch the live rendition of “Mu Välläkoolõmise Pääl Kiil / My Dying Language” at the 2024 Estonian Music Awards gala by singer and multi-instrumentalist Mari Kalkun.

This intricate composition, written by contemporary poet Triinu Laan, delves into the uncertain future of Estonian and Võro languages, incorporating historical elements and archival recordings.

Mari Kalkun won the “Best Ethno/Folk Album of the Year” and was also nominated for two additional awards, including ‘Best Female Artist,’ and ‘Best Album’ for her album Stories of Stonia, released by Real World Records in 2023.

Stories of Stonia intertwines ancient Estonian and Võru traditions with modern elements, offering insight into humanity’s relationship with nature. Co-produced with Sam Lee, the album showcases Mari’s vocals alongside a blend of traditional and contemporary instruments, providing a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of her Estonian homeland.

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