Daily Discovery: MANUDIGITAL – Digital UK Session Ft. Brother Culture “Jump Up On It”

Check out “Jump Up On It,” Manudigital‘s new song featuring Brixton-based MC Brother Culture.

Manudigital, known for his Digital Sessions, is now highlighting the UK’s music scene. Using the iconic Casio MT40 keyboard, he collaborates with UK artists popular for their influence in genres like reggae, dub, dancehall, ragamuffin and grime.

A prominent figure in the French reggae and dub scene, Manudigital has a history of working with international artists, releasing successful albums, and performing in over 800 shows worldwide. His YouTube series has become very popular, thanks to his ability to blend a variety of musical styles.

His latest album Step Up, features 17 artists and offers a new blend of sounds. It was release last November via X-Ray Production and available HERE